Property Management

We continuously make cost efficient operation a priority, and execute a property management
plan which provides optimum results appropriate to the asset’s life cycle.

Bank Street Advisors serves clients including individual owner/users, investors, financial institutions, institutional owners and asset managers.

Clients receive monthly customized reporting to track the financial and operational progress of their investment and to monitor operating cost benchmarks. Our property management services ensure well-maintained buildings and landscapes, lower vacancy levels, long-term tenants and satisfied property owners. We provide:

  • Detailed Property Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance/Maintenance & Repairs
  • Landscaping Management
  • Energy Management
  • Governmental Regulation Compliance
  • Life Safety Management
  • Hurricane Readiness
  • Tenant Relations and Retention
  • Rent Collection
  • Contract Review and Compliance
  • Lease Administration
  • Construction/Improvement Supervision
  • Bookkeeping and Record Keeping
  • Asset Management